What are the advantages of currency trading with our company?
  • More than fifty of the most popular and more exotic currency pairs
  • The possibility of trading around the clock for five days a week
  • Leverage up to 1: 200
  • Work on the market that has the highest liquidity in the world
  • The best choice for beginners due to the small size of deposits

About Forex Trading

Working at Forex is primarily a transaction in the innovative currency exchange market. In other words, Forex is a decentralized international market, where individuals, corporate clients and financial institutions change currencies at constantly moving rates.

The modern system of floating courses was adopted after the end of the Second World War. Due to its high efficiency, it continues to work today. Before her acted so-called. Bretton Woods Treaty. According to the provisions of this document, exchange rates were strictly established depending on the gold reserves in the states issuing currencies that entered the exchange market.

Forex Market

Today, Forex can be called the largest market in the world with the highest liquidity. This success is due to a combination of factors:

  • Ease of online transactions;
  • Travel availability;
  • Simplify communication between people;
  • Continuous development of transport communications and globalization.

The world has become much easier to move, as well as perform the exchange of manufactured goods and services offered. At the same time for the commission of these operations necessarily need a currency exchange. The changed realities became the catalyst for the creation of the Forex market, which is growing literally every day. It is safe to say that the volume of operations on this site will continue to grow steadily with the growth of dynamism and market liquidity.

Online Forex Trading

Together with major participants in the Forex market, more and more individual traders appear, trading primarily to generate profits. Their main task is to generate income on changes in the exchange rate or hedge currency risks.

Such participants enter Forex through brokerage companies or financial institutions that give the client a trading account. Money is credited to it in the base currency. After that, the client can make purchases and sales of currency via the Internet or by telephone.

Forex trading through brokerage companies

Trading with the help of a broker provides for providing the user with the exchange rate online and displaying purchase / sale quotes for various instruments in its trading terminal. The client independently makes a decision on which quotes to buy / sell currency, and also has the opportunity to carry out transactions at any suitable moment for him.