Investment Portfolio Management

Our company is professionally engaged in the management of investment portfolios. We guarantee maximum profitability and minimal risks. We have qualified specialists to create and maintain a portfolio in accordance with the individual wishes and needs of each client.

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The main task of investing is to generate maximum profit and minimize risks. The most effective method of achieving this goal can be called with complete confidence the portfolio approach to investments.

Investment Portfolio is a balanced complex of assets that are collected in a carefully considered ratio. It is created primarily taking into account the current and long-term strategic objectives of a particular client.

It’s customary to single out:

1. Yield portfolios

In this case, the investor receives a profit comparable to the risks that are appropriate for him. Such an investment portfolio most often includes currency, commodity assets, precious metals, as well as various securities that generate income above average figures.

2. Growth portfolios

Such portfolios can have different rates of profit growth - from restrained to as fast as possible:

  • moderate growth portfolios are created with an eye to the long term. The level of their riskiness is minimal. The composition of assets varies with low speed;
  • portfolios of extremely rapid growth are created through the use and constant turnover of corporate shares, which are characterized by increased risks, as well as rapid turnover;
  • average growth portfolios include reliable securities purchased for a relatively long time, as well as stock instruments, which are characterized by an increased level of profitability and riskiness. The composition of recent assets is changing steadily;
  • insurance portfolios are created specifically for customers who want to buy securities of a particular sector.

3. Growth and Yield portfolios

Created in the format:

  • balance sheets, which consist of standard income as well as preferred securities. Additionally, such an investment portfolio most often includes bonds;
  • a dual-purpose portfolio that harmoniously combines two kinds of stocks (the first provide high current returns, the second in turn generate a good initial capital gain).

4. Portfolios of non-taxable securities

The main assets of portfolios of this type are municipal bonds, with an increased level of liquidity, providing for a relatively small profit.

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