What advantages does energy trading with our company have?
  • High volatility for maximum profit
  • Ability to work with an asset that is most actively sold on exchanges
  • Ability to choose a game for a fall / increase based on the market situation
  • Lack of one-day financing of CFD for oil

About energy resources


The standard characteristic of quotes for energy is high volatility. It is formed due to the impact on the value of this asset of a huge number of political and complex environmental criteria. In addition, energy demand quotes are affected by the supply / demand balance, as well as global economic growth. With the flourishing economies, the demand for energy carriers increases and vice versa - during stagnation, the consumption of these resources decreases.


In addition to economic changes, energy disasters are influenced by weather disasters, which can cause disruptions in the supply of raw materials. In addition, these circumstances may reduce or increase the demand for many other services that are directly related to the resources in question. It is worth remembering about the political situation in the countries where the world's largest hydrocarbon deposits are located.


Prices on the energy market are constantly changing. This is a great tool for day investors who use quick fluctuations and choose CFD as the easiest oil trading method.