What are the advantages of trading stocks with our company?
  • High profitability, as well as direct access to stock markets
  • The possibility of trading in the uptrend and downtrend
  • Ability to choose a game for a fall / increase based on the market situation
  • Excellent option for work on any time intervals

What are corporate stocks?


Under this concept should be considered documents that confirm ownership of a certain share of the company. In essence, stocks are a measure of ownership. The price of shares varies depending on the number of securities in circulation, the market situation and the success of the company’s activities. Determining the value of shares of companies can be done in several different ways. Often, this task is handled by special consulting organizations that form the appropriate peer review. They get the final figures on the basis of indicators of profitability and other data on the business activities of the enterprise. Of course, it is important to remember the role of the market in the issue of stock pricing.


About Stock Trading


The our company provides an opportunity to work with shares of major international corporations using flexible CFDs through the most reliable and convenient trading terminals. Trading in CFDs through our platforms, which deservedly won many important awards, provides a number of important advantages. Among these advantages, it is worth highlighting security through hedging, which is especially important in the context of unpredictable market conditions. Plus, we offer direct access to all stocks with the highest liquidity, so that you can generate maximum profit.


The main task in trading with each financial instrument is to set the point of opening and closing positions correctly. Shares in this case are no exception. To learn how to trade securities and get the maximum profit, you need to spend a huge amount of time and analyze a lot of potential market situations. It is noteworthy that the securities market is not just a tool for making a profit, but also helps to always know about current events in the world of finance.

With us you can trade stocks:


Alcoa is a leading US metallurgical company that specializes in the manufacture of aluminum and ranks fifth in the world in the production of this material. The capitalization of the corporation exceeds 6 billion US dollars.


Apple - a manufacturer of personal and tablet computers, smartphones and other gadgets, software developer. One of the pioneers in the PC and ultra-modern multi-tasking OS.


Amazon is a world-renowned American company, which occupies a leading position in the world in terms of working capital among organizations offering goods and services through the Internet technology. It is worth adding that Amazon is one of the first online services that are focused on the implementation of mass goods of general use.


Boeing Company - the world's leading manufacturer of aviation, space, and military special equipment and equipment.


Bank of America is one of the leading financial conglomerates of the United States of America, which provides a wide range of financial services to private as well as corporate clients. Included in the top 25 of the world's largest companies.


CAT is a leading manufacturer of special machinery of international scale.


Cisco is a world-famous corporation that develops and sells network equipment that is primarily intended for large companies as well as telecommunications firms.


DoubleDragon Properties Corporation is a real estate development organization headquartered in the Philippines.


The Walt Disney Company is a leading global financial conglomerate operating in the entertainment industry.


eBay is a US corporation that provides online auction services.


Facebook is the largest social network in the world.


PJSC Gazprom is an international energy company. Under the control of the state is more than half of the shares of this corporation. Gazprom produces 11% of all gas in the world, as well as 66% of gas in the Russian Federation.


General Electric ”(General Electric) - an American manufacturer of various types of equipment, including locomotives.


Alphabet Inc. is a world-renowned holding headquartered in California. He is the owner of a number of companies that previously belonged to Google, and including. google itself. The leaders of the holding are Google L. Page and S. Bryn.


Halliburton Company is a corporation offering various products as well as services in the field of modern energy industry. The corporation mainly specializes in research, production, and processing of hydrocarbons in various parts of the world.


The Home Depot is the largest trading network selling tools and fixtures for the repair, as well as building materials. The main office of the corporation is located in the USA. Almost 400 thousand people work in this network.


Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of integrated automation and electronic systems.


Hewlett-Packard is an IT corporation that was established in 2015. after the Hewlett-Packard section. Became the assignee of the above company in the field of manufacturing PCs and printers.


IBM is the largest manufacturer and supplier of software. In addition, the company is engaged in the creation of IT services and providing consulting services.


Intel - the manufacturer of electronic devices and computer elements (processors, etc.).


International Paper is the world's leading manufacturer of paper, cellulose, and packaging made from high-quality renewable wood material.

Johnson & amp; Johnson is an American holding company that leads a group of more than two hundred subsidiaries that manufacture medicines, hygiene items, and medical equipment.


"JPMorgan Chase" is the largest American financial holding.


The Coca-Cola Company is the largest manufacturer and supplier of concentrated supplements, syrups, and various soft drinks in the world. The most popular product of this corporation is Coca-Cola, with full confidence.


LUKOIL PJSC is the leading oil corporation of the Russian Federation.


Moody’s Corporation is an American company that specializes in providing financial services.


3M is a leading US innovation and production corporation.


Merck & amp; Co., Inc., Merck & Co., Inc. is a transnational pharmaceutical corporation with headquarters in the United States of America.


Microsoft - the largest developer of software for PCs, game consoles, PDAs, smartphones and other gadgets.


Pfizer, Inc., Pfizer is the largest international pharmaceutical corporation.


Philip Morris International is the world's leading cigarette maker.


Rosneft Oil Company is an oil and gas corporation. The controlling stake in this organization is owned by the state joint-stock company Rosneftegaz. In 2013, Rosneft became the largest producer of “black gold” in the world.


Verizon Communications is America’s leading telecommunications company. About 70% of the company's revenue comes from a Verizon Wireless subsidiary, the largest wireless service provider in the United States of America. Stock quotes of this company are taken into account in the process of calculating the Dow Jones index. For 2016, it ranks first among US telecommunications companies in terms of market capitalization.


Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is a corporation that manages the world's largest chain of wholesale and retail stores.


The Western Union Company is a world-renowned corporation that provides financial intermediation services and international transfers.


Xerox Corporation is a leader in print technology and document management. This American company was one of the first to launch mass production of copiers.


Yahoo! is a US corporation that owns the eponymous popular search engine and provides a whole range of services combined by the Yahoo! Directory.


Yandex is a Russian corporation of international level, which is registered in the Netherlands and is the owner of the eponymous search engine, online portals, and services in several states.


* The specific size of the swaps is determined on the basis of interbank quotations of the currency in which the nomination of the stock is made. Swaps show the number% per year. From trading accounts, where open "long" positions, are automatically removed interbank rate, as well as surcharge. In turn, for accounts with “short” positions, this rate is charged at a discount.


Please note that to protect customer deposits from spikes in announcing key corporate news, the contract value may vary.


Remember that the margin requirements before the official announcement of dividend payments, as well as the release of important corporate news can be adjusted.


In standard market conditions, spreads are fairly narrow. However, after the release of significant news, in the event of a serious political upheaval and in other similar situations, the spreads may increase. In addition, they may rise at the end of the day, as well as at the weekend due to a significant decrease in liquidity in the stock market.

Customer transactions are accepted as well as immediately executed. At the same time, all volumes of opened deals that exceed the previously agreed figures are hedged by the liquidity providers of the our company on current market spreads. But, unfortunately, when volatility increases and liquidity decreases, partners most often provide quotes with increased spreads.


The margin requirement established by our company for CFDs is calculated as follows: Number of lots X size of the selected contract X cost of opening X% collateral. Please note that the above requirement is not affected by the size of the leverage on the client’s deposit.